The Fox Islands

It’s been a while since I had some time to plan a photography trip and this year I thought I would try some paddling out in Georgian Bay near Killarney Provincial Park. I hadn’t used a kayak in over 20 years but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting some photographs of windswept pines and rock pools surrounding by pink granite.

After two trips to Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) in Toronto, I had a waterproof bag for my camera gear, a new compact stove, water purification tablets, paddling boots and all the requisite gear for camping on an island in Georgian Bay.

My first night was spent in Killarney Provincial Park at the George Lake campground (view a Google map). At sunrise I did a quick hike to A. Y. Jackson Lake which was only 20 minutes from my campsite. It was overcast and foggy but the scenery was incredible.


View a larger version of A. Y. Jackson Lake (first photo of my trip).

I arranged ahead of time to rent a sea kayak from Killarney Outfitters. They delivered the kayak to the Chikanishing Creek boat launch (point A on the map below). I parked my car here, loaded up the kayak and paddled out into Georgian Bay with my waterproof map and compass in search of The Foxes (point B on the map below).

After two hours of paddling and navigating I arrived at North Fox Island, exhausted (point B on the map above). View a Google map of this location.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to make it to this island without rolling my kayak. Along with some mink, I was the island’s only inhabitant for 3 days. The photographic opportunities on the North Fox Island and the surrounding Fox islands was incredible. The weather was outstanding and my camping was problem-free.

I think I hiked around “my island” at least 4 times and at different times of the day as the light changed. I’ve never been at a location with so many options for making photos. If I tired of North Fox Island I just packed some water and food and headed over to one of the other Fox Islands for the afternoon. The quickest and possibly the best way to explore Georgian Bay for photography is by kayak. The landscape is simply stunning.

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