Woody Allen Can’t Have An Opinion About His Films?

In late June, Woody Allen did an interview for The Times (which doesn’t want you linking to any of its stories) in which he listed his six favourite Woody Allen films:

For some reason people around the web were shocked or upset with some of Allen’s choices. Roger Ebert went as far as incorrectly tweeting “Woody Allen picks the six best woody Allen Films, and is wrong.”

Roger, Woody Allen listed six of his favourite films. This wasn’t a top six list of his best films. How can you say that Woody’s opinion is wrong? Ebert’s tweet has been retweeted hundreds of times and mislead a lot of people that never read The Times article.

Sure, some of the films Allen listed in the interview weren’t his strongest but he’s still allowed to call them favourites isn’t he? I’ve seen a lot of Woody Allen films and my six favourite Woody Allen films would be:

For the record, I really enjoyed Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

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