Netflix Is The Future of Video

I’ve been writing about the demise of Blockbuster for quite a while. After finally spending a couple of months using Netflix, I’m convinced more than ever that Blockbuster is sinking faster than ever.

I’m hearing about more and more Blockbuster stores closing around the Toronto area. I have two stores within 5 minutes of me and they see to be going strong but, Netflix, iTunes, cable, satellite TV and other online video services have to be eating into their revenues in a big way.

The only advantage Blockbuster has over its competitors is its inventory of the latest DVD and Blu-ray titles. The movies on Bell TV and cable are always months behind the latest DVD releases. iTunes has a lot of the latest titles but I still think they are expensive and I have to pay for the bandwidth.


Netflix For $7.99 A Month

For unlimited viewing at $7.99 a month, Netflix is the best deal in town. I can watch movies on my TV via a Sony PlayStation, my iPad, or my desktop Mac. All 3 viewing experiences are flawless and give me the greatest flexibility.

Blu-ray and DVD Is Dead

I love that I don’t have to watch a series of ads every time I want to watch a movie on Netlfix. As soon as I select a film it starts to stream without any nonsense.

I hate that I have to skip through a series of menus every time I watch an over-priced Blu-ray disc. If I’m paying a premium for a bloated 3-disc movie (with a DVD I don’t want), why do I have watch commercials and jump through hoops for 5 minutes? No wonder people pirate movies instead of paying for them.

DVDs and Blu-ray discs won’t last for long after Blockbuster Video is put to rest. The viewing experience with Netflix is so much better than Blu-ray because:

  • you don’t have to leave the house to rent a movie
  • you never have to return the movie or pay late fees
  • viewing is nearly instantaneous
  • movie rentals are inexpensive

Netflix Isn’t Perfect (Yet)

The biggest complaint with Netflix in Canada is that the selection sucks. Rubbish. Netlfix doesn’t have the latest blockbuster movies but it has a huge selection of films to choose from. I’ve found a lot of films that I want to watch and probably wouldn’t be able to find at my local Blockbuster - foreign, documentary, independent and TV shows.

I would love it if Netflix had all of the latest movie releases but I’ve found that there are so many great films available that I want to watch that I really can’t complain about the selection. Consider that my current movie viewing comes from the following sources:

  1. movie theatre
  2. film festivals
  3. DVD screeners
  4. Blockbuster
  6. Netflix
  7. Bell TV
  8. iTunes
  9. DVD and Blu-ray purchases
  10. DVD and Blu-ray discs borrowed from friends/family

I find it impossible to keep up with the number of movies that are available to me on a daily basis. Until Netflix beefs up its library of titles, you won’t hear me complaining.

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