Bell Internet Usage Ripping Off Customers?

Last week, several news agencies including the CBC reported Bell admits internet metering problem. I knew there was a problem when I went to check my own Internet usage and saw the screen above. The message said that the usage tracker will be restored in an hour. I’ve been waiting 178 hours.

My Internet Usage

I want to know if I’ve gone over my measly 50 GB for my monthly billing cycle. I purchased an additional 40 GB each month for an additional $5/month and I don’t think I’m in danger of using up all 90 GB but I’d like to know how much has affected my bandwidth consumption.

I’ve gone over my 50 GB limit in the past (before I added the extra bandwidth for $5/month) and Bell dinged my for $2.50/GB. For some months I paid an additional $5-10 in penalties for going over my limit. Now I’m learning that Bell may have been ripping me off? No wonder people hate the greedy telcos and they’re whining about not being able to make a profit by gouging their customers.

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