Kill Phantom Power and Save Money

belkin-power-bar.jpgThree years ago I wondered if phantom power was real or just a lot of hype. Government research indicates that phantom power is very real and manufacturers of electronic devices have been forced to build greener products but standby power is still a big problem.

The Globe and Mail has an interesting story on phantom power and if you’re a homeowner you may want to find out if pulling the plug on phantom power can save hundreds of dollars a year. I was surprised to learn that a subwoofer can cost approximately $9.50 per year in standby mode. I just unplugged mine.

From what I’ve read, the best thing to do is purchase a bunch of power bars. Plug your computer equipment, cellphone chargers, gaming equipment and other electronic devices into them. Before you go to bed or leave the house for the day, just turn off the power bar. It sounds like a hassle but before long it becomes routine and you’re saving money while reducing your carbon footprint.

Posted in Technology at 10:21 AM