Terence Corcoran Is Out To Lunch

The CRTC decision on Internet billing has generated a lot of interesting press including Terence Corcoran’s column in the National Post that says the billing reversal would be bad policy. The subhead of his column says “CRTC move to user based billing would affect few”.

I can’t help but feel that Terence Corcoran is completely out to lunch when it comes to technology matters. Read his article and you’ll wonder if he has broadband Internet service in his home or still uses a typewriter to file his stories.

Most of my friends and family go through 50 GB a month in no time. I’ve written about bandwidth caps in the past and judging from the comments I receive, people hate them and feel ripped off.

If you live in a household of 3-5 people that are over the age of 10 then you know how fast 50 GB of bandwidth can disappear. In our house of 3 people our Internet connection is used for:

  • web surfing via an iPhone, iPad, PS3, laptop or two desktop computers
  • Netflix movies
  • iTunes movies, music and apps (Rage HD for iPad alone is 1.18 GB)
  • online gaming via PS3

I don’t think Terence Corcoran understands the average Canadian Broadband user. He seems to believe that the recent CRTC decision would affect very few Canadians:

One telecom company official put the number at about 30,000. These are relatively small number of Internet users who access the broadband network through third-party service providers such as TekSavvy Solutions Inc.

What about the 265,000 people that have voiced their opinion through Stop The Meter On Your Internet Usage? I bet the number will be up to 500,000 by tomorrow. I’ve noticed a lot of people posting it on Facebook and Twitter this morning.

People that aren’t concerned about Internet billing or bandwidth caps likely:

  • don’t use the Internet very much
  • don’t have a Facebook account
  • never watch videos on YouTube
  • have never watched a movie on Netflix.ca
  • and probably write for the Financial Post.

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