Clean Your Camera Sensor

It’s been over two years since I purchased my Canon 5D and I’ve never cleaned the image sensor. I use my Giotto Rocket Air Blaster to blow out some of the dust every time I change a lens but over time you just end up blowing the dust around inside the camera.

image sensor
Eventually a proper cleaning is required from a technician or by using an Arctic Butterfly to remove the dust off the sensor. I get nervous about poking around inside my expensive camera and prefer to leave it to the experts. For $40, you can have a technician at Vistek clean your sensor until every last bit of dust is gone. Because mine had never been cleaned it took quite a while.

So why is cleaning your image sensor such a big deal? When you start to see long strands of dust or black spots throughout your images, you know your image sensor is dirty. This can be removed by cloning parts of the image in Photoshop but the this digital dust removal takes time when you’re working on a final image. If I can save hours of post production work then it is totally worth it to me.

If you’ve had a digital SLR camera for several years and never bothered to clean it then maybe it is time to get it cleaned professionally. I feel like I have a new camera again.

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