I’m Back

I’ve been swamped with work over the last 3 months and decided to put the brakes on the blog for a little while. Back in June, Ryan and I completed web development on a pet food site for Nutrience. This being Canada we did another version of the site in French.

Now I’m working on a new website for ACE Bakery which is wrapping up and should be launched by the end of the month. Somewhere in May/June, Ryan and I also managed to launch a site for Global Risk Institute in Financial Services, develop a new back end for Trind while providing upgrades to the front end of the site.

I also managed to squeeze in some Contact and Hot Docs although not as much as I would have liked. And now I’m just about ready for a vacation. Sort of.

My vacations usually consist of working on my photography portfolio which has been neglected even more than this blog. Getting up every day before dawn, scouting locations during the day and shooting until the stars come out, isn’t really a vacation. It’s work but it’s the type of work I love most and it provides a creative outlet for me that I can’t get enough of.

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