Lion Recovery To The Rescue

If you have a Macintosh computer and you’re not running OS X Lion you should seriously think about upgrading. Why? Read on.

I upgraded to OS X Lion when it came out and love the new features. Last night I decided run the latest Software Update for my Mac (OS X 10.7.2) because it provides support for Apple’s new iCloud service. After downloading the hefty 818.59 MB I restarted my computer and the software updater began updating my system software.

Did I mention that it was raining outside? It wasn’t raining very hard. I didn’t see any lightning or hear any thunder and thought it was a great time to update my computer. Then the power went out. The lights flickered and everything went black. The room fell silent and I screamed “Noooooo!”

After three minutes the power came back on and my Mac Pro would not start up. I watched the cursor for 5 minutes hoping that something would happen. I shut down. Restarted. Waited again. Shut down. At this point I panicked, then realized that:

  • I have a Time Machine back up of my main drive.
  • I have a recent SuperDuper backup of my main drive.
  • I’m running OS X Lion that has a great feature called Lion Recovery which saved me hours of hassle.

I restarted my computer held down the Option key and selected the Recovery HD drive which let me completely restore my system from a Time Machine backup that took place 20 minutes before everything went dark.


In less than 90 minutes my computer was up and running again. I’m amazed at how many people don’t back up their computers. Ever. Apple has made it incredible easy to do backups of your Mac and you’re crazy if don’t take a few minutes to set this up.

I could have saved myself 90 minutes of hassle if I had some form of UPS and I used to have one. Maybe it is time to get another one. Any recommendations? What are people out there using?

Posted in OS X Software at 11:28 PM