National Post Photo Gaffe

I did a double take when I saw the accompanying photo for a story in The National Post – Computers of law firms in Potash deal attacked. Is that a photo of an Apple PowerBook G3 Series laptop from 1998?

The caption below the photo says “Hackers can use a laptop and wireless phone connection from their car to intercept a company’s data”. While I don’t disagree with the caption I find it hard to believe that Chinese hackers are using 13-year-old laptops!

The National Post photo editor assigned to this story probably didn’t think anyone would notice if they used an old file photo from 1998 for this story in 2011. This makes the paper look lazy and amateurish. The online version of this story uses a much more appropriate image so I can’t be the first person to notice this gaffe.

Posted in News at 9:53 AM