Apple remote vs Sony remote

Apple TV remote

Simple For Sale

The Apple TV remote is fairly simple. You can hold it in one hand and with just a few buttons you can control every aspect of the Apple TV. Contrast this design with the Sony remote below.

Sony remote

More Is Less

This Sony remote looks complicated. It controls Sony’s appropriately named Internet TV 3D Blu-ray Discâ„¢ Player powered by Google TV. I’m guessing that you’ll have to spend some time with a manual before you start using this thing.

Contrary to my opinion, Sony marketing has this to say about the above remote:

Finding your favorite content is a breeze thanks to the included handheld keypad with QWERTY keyboard and optical mouse control. Easily navigate the internet, search for TV shows, apps, movies and more.

What? Easily browse the Internet with this remote? I don’t think so.

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