Hot Docs 2012 Preview

Another season of Hot Docs begins this Thursday and Toronto will be buzzing this weekend with premieres of some great films. Here is a roundup of some of the films I previewed for this year’s festival.

We Are Legion: The Story of The Hacktivists

Everyone has heard of Anonymous but what is it? A group of “hackers on steroids” as Fox News has described it or a group of “hactivists” that have it in for Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology. We Are Legion delves into the world of Anonymous and does a nice job explaining the origins of the group. I found this doc fascinating and for someone that spends most of his day online, I was surprised by how little I know about Anonymous.

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

Life is full of incredible stories and the films that document them can be difficult to watch at times. I had a vague idea of who Jason Becker was but the tragedy that befell him is a revelation and it times it gets really weird. If you like music docs then don’t miss this film but be prepared to feel drained after watching it. I couldn’t shake the incredible sadness that weighs on this film.

The Waiting Room

We’ve all spent time in a hospital emergency room and know the drama that goes on there. Imagine having the cameras rolling 24/7 in a hospital ER in Oakland. It sounds like the perfect idea for a doc but it just doesn’t work. Sure, there is drama and tragedy but I felt like I was in an endless loop of hopelessness. There are plenty of interesting stories and moments but I never felt fully-engaged with this film.

Life In Stills

I was expecting more of an artistic doc about late photographer Rudi Weissenstein. I was surprised when the film focused more on Weissenstein’s 96-year-old widow and her relationship with her grandson. You’ll find this doc to be entertaining look into the lives of this family in Tel Aviv.

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