Sold Out Films For TIFF 2012

As of 2pm on August 27, 2012 the following films listed below are SOLD OUT or OFF SALE according to TIFF’s website ordering system.

Sep 6
Kinsha Kids

Sep 8
Anna Karenina
Liar’s Autobiography
The Master
Seven Psychopaths
Short Cuts Canada: Programme#2

Sep 9
7 Boxes
The Brass Teapot
Much Ado About Nothing
Museum Hours

Sep 10
The Company You Keep
The Hunt
Midnight’s Children
Short Cuts Canada: Programme#3

Sep 11
Short Cuts Canada: Programme#3
Short Cuts Canada: Programme#4

Sep 12
The Hunt
A Late Quartet

Sep 14
Arthur Newman

Sep 16
The Master

The biggest surprise here for me is Amour being sold out on the last day of the festival! I purposely picked that screening thinking it wouldn’t be sold out. There are no guarantees at TIFF.

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