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I’ve been using Twitter for a few months on my computer and decided to try it out on my iPhone. The free version of Twitterific isn’t bad but it’s missing a bunch of features that you can only get in Twitterific Premium ($9.99).

For $2.99 you can send out your tweets with Tweetie - the best Twitter app for the iPhone. It’s fast, simple and has plenty of features. The Chat Bubbles theme for the interface is awful looking but you can use the Simple theme which is much nicer looking. The GPS feature that lets you find other Twitter users in your vicinity is pretty slick. Great app.

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Popular Posts On Bombippy

I added a section in the sidebar called Popular Posts which features some of the most popular entries on this site since it began in 2002:

  1. Kodiak Smokeless Tobacco And Projectile Vomiting
  2. Rogers Cable To Limit Bandwidth
  3. Leopard Is Slow On My Power Mac G5
  4. Wicked Awesome Band Names
  5. HDMI vs Component Video

If you want to read some of the funniest comments on the site then I suggest you take a look at Rogers Cable To Limit Bandwidth where I get called “doutch bag” by a guy named Juan who says I lack “serious proffecionalism”.

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DVD Collection Updated

I finally updated my DVD Collection on this site using DVDpedia. A companion product called Pocketpedia for iPhone lets me take my DVD Library with me. Now I can keep track of which special editions I own and who has my Blu-ray copy of Planet Earth: The Complete Series.

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Google Analytics Widget for Movable Type

GoogleAnalyticsWidget lets you view Google Analytics information from within Movable Type. This free plugin from Apperceptive saves a bit of time by providing me with a quick overview of my blog’s website traffic.

Apperceptive also makes a plugin for Google AdSense but I couldn’t get it to work — it’s an alpha release and could be buggy with some installations of Movable Type 4. When it gets released I’ll definitely be installing it.

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You might have noticed that my site was down for a little while. Somebody hacked Dreamhost earlier this week and 20% of their accounts were compromised. Mine was one of them.

Passwords have been changed, index pages have been republished and I’m back but my confidence in Dreamhost hasn’t returned.

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Bombippy is a personal weblog

Bombippy is a personal weblog. I write about photography, food, web development and films. I write everything on this site. There isn’t a staff, there aren’t contributors, it’s all Jay Kerr (Bombippy).

I am a web designer/developer/photographer/video editor/blogger that loves cinema. I am not a film critic.

A lot of people visit this site and read the film reviews because they’re looking for a recommendation—an interesting film watch. Others are curious and just want to know what I did on the weekend.

Lately I’ve been getting some interesting comments by some confused individuals. I didn’t care too much for a documentary called The Shutka Book of Records. I merely offered an opinion and the feedback I get is

Shame on you, stupid reviewer. Shame on you.

I reviewed another documentary called SHAMELESS: The ART of Disability. I didn’t enjoy this one at all. It just didn’t appeal to me. I received a nasty email saying I should be more supportive, that I didn’t write my own reviews, and that I only give 4 stars to blockbusters like Casino Royale.

I don’t get upset by this kind of feedback. I welcome it. I love it! If you write it, I will post it (unless your name is Andrew and you live in Vancouver).

If I don’t like a film that you feel very passionately about, just know that I’m a blogger and not film critic. I’m not pretending to be another Pauline Kael and will never have her influence.

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I just came across a list of fictional expletives on Wikipedia. The word bippie caught my eye.

bippie - from Laugh-In, comical term for “ass” “You bet your sweet bippie.” Also spelled “bippy”.

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Recently screened films

You may have noticed that I finally updated the recently screened films in the sidebar.

I watch a lot of films on DVD but don’t always have the time to write a full review, in which case I’ll post a mini-review. I figure this will be a good way to keep a history of the films I watch.

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Site upgrades

I finally updated the links section of this site. I only got as far as regular visits and photoblogs and it is already 1:30 AM (somehow I managed to sleep in until 10 AM today).

I also upgraded Movable Type on this site to version 3.2 last week. This was surprisingly easy. The new version does a much better job of handling comments and SPAM than previous versions. I still have to poke around and see what else has been changed.

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View by category

I’ve updated BOMBIPPY PHOTOS so that you can view photos by categories instead of having to hit the previous photos button endlessly. If you want to view photos of Paris you can click on the pull down menu view them all at once.

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Bombippy Backups?

I’m using Movable Type 3.16 to power Yesterday I tried upgrading to Movable Type 3.17. Big mistake!

Panic set in after I wiped out my old installation and realized that you cannot upgrade from Movable Type 3.16 to 3.17. I didn’t have a recent backup of my template files or my Movable Type 3.16 installation. Oh crap.

The good news is that I use DreamHost for hosting my websites. It turns out that they backup your entire website every hour, every two hours, every day, every two days, every week and so on. I was amazed and relieved.

Retrieving the backup was very simple and didn’t take long at all. Within ten minutes I recovered at least a thousand files and had my site the way it was when I started my day.

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DVD Collection and Home Theatre Setup updates

My DVD Collection is back online and almost up to date. A couple of DVDs that arrived yesterday from have also been added to the list. is the best place to purchase Criterion Collection DVDs online (and probably offline as well). Last week they had free shipping to Canada. They always list the value of their packages at $10.00. Why? So I don’t have to pay GST and duty to the nice people at Revenue Canada. That always makes my day.

The Home Theatre Setup is now online and provides some technical information about my home theatre.

I Hung My Head is also back online.

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Bombippy Updates

The updated to version 2.0 continues. Most of the Movable Type templates are in place and seem to work properly. You can post, preview posts, browse the archives by date and by category. I’ve also addded RSS and Atom feeds to save you some trips back to blog content on this site.

So far 36 posts have been restored. I have about another 400 to go! The export from Blogger didn’t work at all so this will be a long and manual process.

Part of the About Bombippy section has been restored in the new template. I still have to build a form page so that you can contact me. Most of you already have my email address. If you don’t you’ll be able to reach me soon.

I’m going to concentrate on getting all of the old content (recipes, DVD information) back online again followed by rebuilding the archives. So far I’m pleased with the results which should make this site much easier to manage in the future.

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Bombippy 2.0

After redesigning Lissa’s blog I’ve grown impatient with the relaunch of my own. A lot of the links on the sidebar don’t work and they will be updated over the next week.

I’m still working on the various templates for archives and posts so don’t be surprised if you see some “stock” Movable Type templates after you click on some of the links.

Let me know what you think because I finally have comments!

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Bombippy 2.0 is coming

I’m in the process of developing version 2.0 of You can expect a complete redesign, comments (finally!), better archiving (view entries by category or date), better searching and standards-compliant code (XHTML/CSS).

The redesign is complete and I’m currently developing new templates for the various pages. I took a long look at WordPress but decided to go with Movable Type for publishing.

WordPress has a lot of things going for it but it seems to be changing so rapidly. I’m worried about spending a lot of time developing css templates and having to rewrite them when the next major release comes out (which is soon—version 1.5).

I set up Movable Type on Lissa’s blog and feel comfortable using it. I find that it is a lot easier to customize the design of your site than WordPress. I’ve been inspired by sites like Subtraction and feel that I can’t really go wrong with Movable Type. Stay tuned.

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Version 1.0

Welcome to version 1.0 of This site has been in the works for quite some time. Why? Because it will give me chance to rant and rave over the latest DVD releases, share recipes, pay tributes, and keep in touch with friends. Over the next couple of weeks you will be able to link to new content in the sidebar. Enjoy.   I was at Yuk Yuk’s on Saturday night and saw this comedian by the name of Russell Peters perfom. He was the second act and blew the other two out of the water—very funny guy. If you get a chance then go and see him.

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