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Stuff & Junk is Back


It’s been over a year since Lissa’s blog at crashed and later hacked. She wanted to get back to blogging so I gave the site a quick redesign and updated her blog to Movable Type 5 is long over due.

I can’t believe she’s created 1,140 entries since 2004. Unfortunately I have to figure out a way to import them into her archives. It might be another year before that project gets completed. So if you’ve been missing her quirky sense of humour then drop by for a visit.

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Data Governance

Data Governance is a new blog that my friend Ryan created to discuss best practices for managing your organization’s data. If you’re a marketing director or maybe a privacy officer at Facebook then you should be reading his blog.

As I design and develop larger and larger sites, it amazes me how many companies don’t backup their business data or have a privacy officer. Some sites don’t even bother with a privacy statement or make the information up as they go.

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Straight 2 DVD Movies

David Dylan Thomas just launched a new site called Straight To DVD Movies. It covers films that skip the traditional theatrical window and get released on DVD.

Lonely Street starring Robert Patrick as Elvis? Now that I have to see. Nice work on the site David!

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Mediaboymusings Comments Are On!

A few people were disappointed that comments weren’t enabled on Mediaboymusings. They’ve been turned on so comment away!

Drew says there are new reviews coming for Dead Snow and The Hangover.

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My brother Drew finally launched his blog which features music and movie reviews. Check it out at Mediaboymusings.

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Keith Starky Explains Twitter

Keith Starky Explains Twitter is an amusing site that provides hilarious commentary on random tweets. If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter or people like Merlin Mann then you probably won’t find any part of Keith Starky’s site to be funny.

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I used to love reading Norm Wilner’s column in Starweek magazine. His take on movies was closely aligned with mine. He stopped writing for Starweek years ago and now writes for MSN and Now Magazine in Toronto (I read neither).

I recently came across his blog called Wilnervision and quickly added it to my RSS reader. He’s got a great sense of humour and has some great information about film scene in Toronto.

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Blogroll Shout-outs

A Moment For Myself

I am a bad friend. I have neglected to read, comment on, or mention Lisa’s blog in Vancouver. I’ve subscribed to her RSS feed, added her site to my blogroll, and commented on her site. Something tells me it’s too little too late.

Better in Time

My step-daughter Vanessa has run away to England because:

  • she doesn’t want to go to college
  • doesn’t know what to take in college
  • she can be an au pair and travel around Europe in her spare time
  • she is only twenty and has her whole life in front of her
  • because she can.

I am so jealous and you can read all about her adventures on her blog.

Stuff and Junk

I’d better set aside a moment for myself and read some stuff and junk or my wife will complain that I don’t read her blog.

Last week she was sitting 3 feet from me and sent me an email. What happened to dating? What happened to going for long walks on the beach and talking about her feelings for hours on end? This Internet thing is getting way out of control. The Google is taking over. Beware.

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Buy a Bigger Envelope!

If you’ve been lusting after the new MacBook Air then buy a bigger envelope and save yourself some money!

Nick Cernis has a laid-back productivity blog that is a great read for any freelancers out there. I’ve bookmarked it and made it a part of my daily read.

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“Unnecessary” quotation marks and apostrophe abuse

I just came across the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks which has been “making fun of bad punctuation since 2005”. It’s a very funny blog and it has some great examples of how not to use quotation marks.

Apostrophe Abuse is another very funny site that documents the incorrect use of the apostrophe in signs, websites (NY Times), movie tickets (Alien’s), television and more.

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76% blog for family and friends

Back in July 2006, Pew Internet published some interesting results from a national phone survey of bloggers. Here are some of the results of that survey with my comments:

76% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to document their personal experiences and share them with others.

I started this blog primarily for family and friends as a way to keep in touch when I can. Life can get really busy sometimes and weeks can go by before you pick up the phone to call someone you haven’t spoken to.

54% of bloggers are under the age of 30

At age 38, I’m in the minority here.

64% of bloggers say a reason they blog is to share practical knowledge or skills with others.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s the great thing about blogs. Using a search engine you can find just about anyone with an interest in Jules Dassin films to Kodiak chewing tobacco.

Out of the 12 million blogs that are out there (according to this survey) only 7% focus on entertainment and 4% focus on technology. If you read Digg everyday you might find this hard to believe.

You can find our more information about this survey here.

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The Average Blog Has One Reader

There’s an interesting story over at titled “10 Things Your Blogger Won’t Tell You”. Whose blogger is the article referring to?

Aside from the cryptic title and the article’s attempt to dismiss blogs altogether, it raises some interesting questions such as. “How many people actually read your blog on a daily basis?”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt told a recent gathering of U.K. politicians that the average blog has just one reader: the blogger.

There are 74 million blogs out there according to Technorati. A lot of these blogs haven’t been updated in 2 years or more so it doesn’t surprise me that the average blog has a single reader.

If you update your blog on a regular basis, write well, and have interesting/useful content you’ll have a readership. I’ve been at it for 5 years and my site receives a fair bit of traffic.

The growth of new blogs might be slowing down but that doesn’t mean their popularity is on the decline. If anything there is more of a shakeout going on where long-term blogs are increasing their readership.

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Page 123

I’ve been tagged for a book meme by David.

1. Grab the book closest to you.

2. Open page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.

3. Post the text of the next three sentences on your blog.

I was encouraged and got even bolder. What if I then added a short story printed on a few pages of art paper? What if the images were printed with generous borders in the photographic paper that didn’ t need mat board?

4. Name the book and the author.

Letting Go of the Camera by Brooks Jenson

5. Tag three people.

Lissa, Paul, Shiz

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Now Smell This

Back in June I photographed some Asiatic lilies and posted them on Bombippy Photos. Earlier this week I was asked by another blogger if she could use my photo in a review of Serge Lutens Un Lys fragrance. Thanks to Robin at Now Smell This for the photo credit.

Now Smell This is a blog about perfume with current reviews, an extensive list of perfume houses and links to perfume-related sites.

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Daring Fireball

Lately I’ve been checking John Gruber’s blog, Daring Fireball for the latest buzz in the Mac community, web development and technology. Great site with plenty of fresh content served up daily.

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Blogger is really starting to suck.

I really have to move this site over to Movable Type for publishing this blog. Blogger has served me well over the last few years but lately I’ve been fed up with it being down so much.

Quite often I’ll attempt to post something and can’t because Blogger times out during publishing. I have to log back in again and try to publish my entry again. This is happening at all times during the day. Frustrating.

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LALALAND Has Launched

Alison Hladkyj, a fellow designer has launched her personal website called LALALAND. She’s encouraging people to submit their digital photography. Each day there is a new photo and each month there is a different theme. The site is beautifully designed. Go have a look.

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