Below are some of the websites I tend to visit, grouped into various categories. Last updated Jan 12, 2008.

Daring Fireball
John Gruber's site covering design and all things Macintosh.
Wake Up Later: Freelance Blog
Wake freelancing, online income and sleeping late.
Jason Kottke—full-time blogger from NY.
Copywriting tips for online marketing success from Copyblogger.
Toronto Screen Shots
Film reviews from festivals in Toronto and beyond.
Pogue’s Posts
David Pogue’s technology blog for the NY Times.
Signal vs. Noise
37signals’ blog about design, customer experience and more.
What Do I Know
Todd Dominey on web design and web development. Great links.
Michael Eades’ links to music, movies, art and news.
Web design & news info from Jeffrey Zeldman.
A professional blog and community site for graphic designers.
daily dose of imagery
A daily photoblog of Sam Javanrouh’s visual experience.
David J. Nightingale’s incredible photos from Blackpool, England.
A Walk Through Durham Township
Photography by Kathleen Connally from Pennsylvania.
the narrative
Photographs by Matt O’ Sullivan, Toronto.
Miles’ photoblog from Toronto.
Orbit 1
John Perkinson’s photos from Janesville, Wisconsin
David’s site in Vancouver, BC.
Ali’s photoblog from Toronto.
Rannie’s blog, photoblog and online zine.
Documenting life around Toronto.
No Traces
Incredible night photography from Chicago.
The Snowsuite Effort
Images by Michigan Photographer Ryan Keberly.
Photos by Gary Shrimpling.
David Noton Photography - Despatches
Noton's monthly column as featured in Practical Photography magazine.
Charlie Waite
My favourite landscape photographer.
The Luminous Landscape
Devoted to the art of landscape, nature and documentary photography.
Excellent photography software and forums.
Images by Raymond A. van der Woning
The Radiant Vista
The best photography tutorials, tips and tricks on the web.