GFS Marketplace 400

I’m heading down to Michigan International Speedway for a Nascar race on Sunday—GFS Marketplace 400 (1:30 PM EST on TNT). Once a year, four of us head down to Livonia, MI on Saturday morning. On Saturday night we eat dinner at the BoneYard Bar-B-Q & Grille and then head over to Kickers (owned by former Miami Dolphin kicker, Pete Stoyanovich). Sunday is the big race.

This year should be interesting because CART driver Paul Tracy (from Toronto) is attempting to qualify and start in his first Nascar race. It’s also the last time we’ll see Rust Wallace race. He’s retiring this year. After the race we tailgate and wait for 200,000 race fans to make their way home.

On Monday morning we head back to Toronto. Aside from a great race there is always a story or two waiting to happen. Should be a great weekend.

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